30 for 30

The Sooty and Sweep Show

Episode 3: Superdog

Superdog Sweep is on a mission! Superdog Sweep wants to make sure Sooty and Sweep are rescued from a life in waiting.

This morning, while we were fast asleep in bed, we were both dreaming.

We both dream about having a new home. Sooty dreams about being able to greet our human at the door everyday, and to help them go to sleep at night (by snuggling), and to help them watch TV (by sharing the sofa).

Sweep dreams of being a superhero. He calls himself Superdog! And Sweep’s mission is to save his new human from a life of wondering and to introduce that lucky human to a life of wonder instead … by adopting Sooty and Sweep!

Sweep’s superpower is strength. He can lift up spirits everywhere, no matter how heavy they may be! Just ask Sooty.

If you would like your spirits lifted by your very own superhero and his able sidekick, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt us!



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