30 for 30

Aslan’s Beautiful Laundrette

I know I have said this a few times, but I really love laundry.

But recently I got the best piece of laundry ever! It’s my very own bandana!

It is extremely stylish. I now where it everywhere because I am on first name terms with everyone. It goes with all my favourite things … me, my blankie, the beach, the car.

Speaking of the car, I love riding in it, but my plans to create more laundry have been foiled. My foster humans have a nifty waterproof car seat cover. This means that no matter how much sand I collect at the beach, how much mud at the park, or how wet I get at the river, I can’t make the back seats dirty. I am thinking of hiding it and replacing it with an easily washable blankie.

Because I really love laundry.

I have been waiting for a home for quite a while now, and I am worried I may have been too honest about the laundry. Honestly, I will give up rolling in a ready supply of fresh laundry if it means I can have my own home. But then, if you really love me, I’m sure you would throw a bit of laundry my way.

Because I really love laundry.

If you love washing, we are a match made in heaven. Please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. Come and visit me soon … And please put a couple of nice easy-wash blankets in the back … just for me.

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