30 for 30

Super Duper Mr Cooper


adjective  su·per-du·per \ ˈsü-pər-ˈdü-pər \

 : of the greatest excellence, size, effectiveness, or impressiveness

I’m Cooper, and I’m so super I’m even in the dictionary.

I am a Golden Retriever X Standard Poodle. This means that I am big and shaggy and amazing. Super even.
I came into rescue with two pals, Betty and Frank, who are joining me in the Be That 30 For 30 Campaign. I am the most confident of the three of us, so I am looking after my pals. We all have a lot of learning to do as we came from a rather isolated and lonely existence. Harness? That’s new. Traffic? That’s new. Cuddles and love from all the fabulous humans at Glendee Rescue. That’s new and that’s amazing! Super even.
If you would like a super life with me, then please contact Glendee Rescue to adopt me. It will be amazing! Super even.


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