30 for 30

Handbags at Dawn, with George Gently

I am a small dog with a big message. A handbag is no way to ride.

Because dogs do not belong in handbags.

I am a Chihuahua. Not a set of keys. Not a lipstick. Not loose change. Although I may have something in common with any weapons you might keep in your handbag … But no, I do not want to be in your handbag ready to be grabbed and held in the face of any potential assailant.

Not me! I will not be in your handbag! But you can bet that I will be all over the ankles of that assailant as I stand my ground … on the ground where I belong! Yes, that’s right, they will think again as they walk away with their socks full of holes. Nobody messes with George Gently!

I just hope the current tiny handbag fashion takes off, because even I couldn’t fit in one of those.

So, if you agree that a dog is not loose change, please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. And together we can make sure everyone keeps their purses in their pockets and their dogs on the ground!


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