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This week …

Pets at the Gabba!

A couple of weeks ago, we sent Human to the wonderful fortnightly market, Pets at the Gabba. 

IMG_7911Pets at the Gabba is a fantastic dog-friendly market in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, dedicated to people and their pets.

The market is held every second and fourth Saturday of each month, 3-8pm, at 73 Ipswich Road. The market has new and different stall holders all the time, so it’s always worth a regular visit. There are goody bags, food, entertainment, and of course lots and lots of great stalls.

A couple of weeks ago we sent Human to check it out. And I think the many bags of goodies that came back are proof of what a great market it is!

The market was busy with lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes, all taking their humans shopping for some stylish and delicious goodies! There were freebies and gummies and even a mobile groomer giving lots of pampering to some of the most stylish dogs of Bris Vegas.

IMG_7903First stop for Human was NiPiDa. NiPiDa uses upcycled materials to fashion amazing and original dog coats, accessories, toys, and more. Human met Vince (CEO – Canine Entertainment Officer), who demonstrated his plush dog furnishings and extravagant outfits. Vince is very charismatic and he often steps outside his stall to greet and attract new customers. He is very good at this, a bit like one of those people outside restaurants. In fact, it’s probably no coincidence that those people outside restaurants are often called “Barkers”. This is no doubt because they know that dogs makes the best greeters. And so the best people at this are barkers! Anyway, thanks to Vince, Human left with several coats and some Aussie flag bandanas, and Vince even gave Human two free dog toys – a NiPiDa original and an Assistance Dogs Australia Goldie!

Then Human found Kimberley Kapers and got three handmade doggy beanies (it gets cold in London …). One is in Christmas colours, one is a Minion, and one is in Broncos colours. Or maybe they’re the Brisbane Lions colours. Or the Fitzroy Lion? This football thing is complicated, but whatever they are these beanies are perfect!

IMG_7918Human also stopped off at Sacred Pet Boutique for a huge haul of Aussie goodies and Sacred Pet originals.

The thing we liked best about this stall was all the treats! And Human got us some very yummy ones, which we simply couldn’t make last at all! Delicious! But the toys and the Aussie collars and the bandanas and the hats and the coats are all pretty wonderful as well!


Human then found the Fluppies stall and got some fantastic onesies and fleeces for the boys back in London – an amazing superhero jacket for Jeff, a sheep fleece and a sheep onesie for Huw (of course), a skull and crossbones (must be for everyone’s favourite little pirate, Howard), a groovy coat of roosters (for Aubrey, the grooviest), and a stylish harness and hat set (for Jeff and Howard to share).


IMG_8282Another great find was the Arlo and Ozzy stall, where they make all manner of great things, including some very stylish poo bag holders. The importance of having a full wardrobe of poo bag holders coordinated with one’s various leads and collars should never be underestimated. And if every lead has a bag, there’s no risk of that dreaded, “Oh my goodness I forgot the bags” moment. Obviously, then, Human thought this stall was quite wonderful. And Aubrey got an amazing superhero bandana and poo bag holder, which is going to look wonderful with Captain Awesome set.

IMG_3326Pets at the Gabba also works with several charities and non-profit organisations to help them showcase their important work at the market. Human visited the wonderful people at Queensland Staffy and Amstaff Rescue, and the several lovely dogs who were there, all hoping to meet “the one”. As well as providing foster care
and rehoming, this wonderful charity also works to provide really important education and training support.

IMG_7913And Human also found out about the work of Guardians of Animals in Crisis. This organisation helps to care for animals that need a temporary home during crisis situations. They have helped animals at risk through domestic violence, homelessness, and other periods of stress and trauma. And they are currently working with Night Ninjas and Brisbane Motorcycle Street Feed to help animals sleeping rough with their humans. And it’s also where Human met the beautiful and irresistible Dash, who was meeting and greeting everyone at the stall. What a wonderful ambassador she is!


And before going home, Human got a wonderful goody bag from PetStock, sponsors of that weekend’s market. It included some very yummy treats, a grooming voucher, and a toy that Benny is still carrying around proudly, two weeks later. All in all, Pets at the Gabba is a really great afternoon.

And it’s on again this weekend! Which is why Human is going back again tomorrow to check out this weekend’s market. We recommend it to everyone! Can’t wait for the goodies!


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