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Is That A Fact?!

Aubrey Beardsley’s “On This Day” Fun Facts and Trivia

On this day, the great Kenilworth toothpaste heist took place in 1995.

Thieves broke into a discount store in Kenilworth, England (not taking the obvious into account, they remained price conscious). Faced with an enormous array of essential items, they absconded with 60 tubes of toothpaste. Obviously they had forgotten to bring a tube from home. But the big question is, why didn’t they steal any toothbrushes?

Speaking of toothbrushes, on this very day, in 1934, nylon was invented. And the very first commercial use of nylon was in toothbrush bristles. Apparently the most popular colour of toothbrush is blue, like the sea! So maybe there were no blue ones when the thieves hit the discount store.

And speaking of the sea, on this day, in 1933, Max Wasserberg invented the folding beach and lawn chair, so that chairs could be taken to the seashore in the back of a motor vehicle. Legend has it he was looking at his blue toothbrush when he stumbled upon the brilliant idea.

And that’s a fact!


And by the way, it’s National Climb A Tree Day in the United States, so I’m taking it global!


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