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£200 Gone With The Wind

That’s News To Me!

Daily dog news from around the globe …

North Wales – Alf, the Yorkshire Terrier X Pug, went to the vet to pass wind this week.

Alf was in obvious pain that evening and his belly became very swollen and distended. His human, Stuart Weir, feared the worst. He called the vet after hours and took Alf in straight away. They decided to x-ray to see if it was gastric torsion (a potentially fatal twisted stomach … for everyone who cried all the way through Marley and Me, that’s what happened to Marley). The vet and nurse put Alf on the x-ray table and just as they were getting ready, so was Alf, and thar he blew! The whole adventure cost a little over £200, but the lovely Stuart said he didn’t mind, he was just happy it was good news and Alf was ok. Stuart has 17 rescue dogs at home (North Clwyd Rescue Centre is just down the road and Stuart can’t stop visiting) and obviously he loves them all. We applaud Stuart for his responsible ownership! As Stuart says, “I wouldn’t have it any other way”.


The whole episode, as explained through interpretive dance



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