A Little Beddie Told Me

It’s a Rescue Dog’s Life!

A Little Beddie Told Me

Gossip and Entertainment News every Friday, with Huw Le Lytle

This week rescue dogs are taking over the news!

The new ABC series, Downward Dog, premiered this week. Originally a web series, the show has met with mixed reviews but it still considered one to watch. And everyone agrees that rescue dog Ned (who plays Martin the dog) is the stand-out star and possibly the most developed character in the show.

Zu the Golden Retriever was seen talking a walk through Paris with his human this week. Zu has travelled from LA to accompany his human, who was accepting a Philanthropist Award at the Global Gift Gala. Zu’s human used to star in a show about the beach and red swimsuits and has always shared her home with a lot of other rescue dogs, including a little pal from India called Pyari, a Chihuahua called Varmie, Star the Golden Retriever (who used to join their human on set), and JoJo the Golden Retriever.

Benito the rescue Ridgeback x Shepherd is finally getting the recognition he deserves for saving the life of his actor human a few years earlier. His human used to be a bit of a wild child and had consumed so many treats one night that he fell asleep. He almost stopped breathing, but Benito pawed him back to life. Which goes to show, if you are going to have too much of a good thing, you’d better have the love of a good rescue dog.


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