That's News To Me

Dog Lovers Are More Attractive!

That’s News To Me!

Daily dog news from around the globe …

In a study that proves the value of reflected glory, dogs will make you more attractive!

A South Florida Toy Company surveyed 1000 people and the results were overwhelming. If you want to look good, make sure there is a dog in your pictures. People were asked questions as to relative attractiveness and trustworthiness and intelligence and these were correlated with the type of pet in the picture. Dogs also emerged as the greatest influencers (and also most likely to hold a political position #AubreyBeardsleyforPM).

While we don’t support the labelling of dogs as accessories (a term used in the survey – we recommend “wing dog”), we do applaud the wisdom of the average Petsies customers that dogs are awesome. And obviously people who are with dogs are more attractive, more trustworthy, and more intelligent. They are dog lovers!


See, you can tell straight away these are beautiful people! 💖



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