Fluffing and Folding

That’s Jeffervescent! By Jefferson Airplane

This is laundry.

I love doing the laundry. By that, I mean I love lying in it.

When it comes to doing laundry, Bulldog Drummond and Howard Spring both share my hobby. They both love doing laundry as well. As soon as Bulldog and Howard and I see a biped heading for the laundry room, we are right there. You never know if a sock is going to fall, so you have to be prepared. Especially when Deputy is in there. Deputy is especially generous with socks. And then we can grab it and make a run for it. In fact, we are so prepared, that sometimes we check the laundry room even when no-one is there.

But some days are even more amazing. Some days there is a duvet or a whole pile of linen. Today was one of those days. As soon as we saw the duvet, Bulldog and I assumed squatters’ rights and made it our home. I was eventually distracted by something else that was amazing (so many things are amazing), but Bulldog manage to spread out there all day. You see, the floor is warm, and then the duvet goes on top, and what you have then is just impossibly wonderful.

Fluffing and folding? That’s Jeffervescent!


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