What does Britain’s favourite TV-viewing Parson Russell Terrier think of A New Life in the Sun, A Place in the Sun: Home and Away, Come Dine With Me, Homes Under the Hammer, and Tony Robinson: Coast to Coast?

Howard Spring reviews his week in TV! …

A New Life in the Sun


A New Life in the Sun

This week I watched, for the first time, A New Life in the Sun. This show is about people who want to move somewhere with sunshine and get people to visit them there. I think it is a bit like finding a new park and hoping everyone will walk a bit further and meet you in that park instead. I quite liked this show as it had dogs, chickens, and even a cat. So there was a lot of action going on. I think if dogs star in every episode this show could really take off.


This is a dog in the kitchen of the new life in the sun.


The dogs enjoying their new life in the sun.


This is the sun.

A Place in the Sun: Home and Away

After I enjoyed A New Life in the Sun so much, I decided to see if A Place in the Sun: Home and Away was just as good. It is not. This show is about giving some people a free trip to somewhere with cheap flights so that the host can show them around some houses which are all “amazing” but they won’t buy. There were also no dogs whatsoever in this show. I was all ready to switch off but then the show was greatly improved by a commercial break for a vacuum cleaner, which featured a Border Collie … and then I switched over.


A Border Collie on a sofa. What’s not to like?

Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me is about getting a group of people together to eat (three couples), some of whom have serious food guarding issues, and then they all grumble about each other. One couple on the show had a Jack Russell Terrier called Eddie. Naturally, Eddie was allowed on the bed and sofa. One of the other contestants found a photo of Eddie on the bed and said they wouldn’t let a dog on the furniture let alone their bed. I suddenly realised I was watched a psychological thriller and quickly switched over.


I had to turn away from the horror of the views expressed on Come Dine With Me.

Homes Under the Hammer

This show is about people going to auctions and buying houses and doing them up. So, unlike A Place in the Sun: Home and Away, stuff actually happens. The presenters get very excited and I am sometimes on the edge of my seat when they do personal challenges, like touch damp or walk on uneven floorboards. This particular episode was a good one because it featured some seagulls.


Property-speculating seagulls in Cumbria, in Homes Under the Hammer

Tony Robinson: Coast to Coast

This show was really very good. It is all about going for walks! And I love my walks. This episode showed how to make Scotch Eggs (and I love boiled eggs). And then it featured some Galloway cows from Scotland who are now living in the Lake District. The cows had a lovely human who called them up for cuddles. Tony Robinson, the host, had cuddles with Belle the cow. Any show that features walks, eggs, and cuddles with cows is unquestionably amazing.


Tony calling the cows.



Here come the cows.


Cows are amazing.





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