Woof Weekly

Woof Weekly!

img_7801Welcome to another week of our weekly ruff roundup!

Find everything in park and society news, fashion favourites, celebrity dog gossip, entertainment and dog-friendly, and much much more!

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The World This Week (our week in pictures)

The Six Must-See Woof Looks of the Week


Huw Wore It Better

B**** Stole My Look


Hot Dog Ticket


Our salute to dog-friendly this week is to the wonderful Avalon Guesthouse in Brighton.

We’ve all stayed there, starting with Leo, who had his first visit way back in 2008! A super short stroll from the beach and groovy St James’s St, dogs are allowed in every room, including the dining room for breakfast! And Brighton has some great dog boutiques, so we always get to do lots of shopping as well as swimming. So much of Brighton is dog-friendly, which means we love it! It’s a great place for a mini break for all of us!

And we even got invited to the Avalon boys’ lovely beach chalet. It’s as grand as it sounds, even the Queen Mother was there!

We love Brian, Tom, and George. We recommend the Avalon to everyone!

A Little Beddie Told Me

by Huw Le Lytle

Hurley the chocolate Labrador has been banned from watching I’m A Celebrity. Hurley lives with Ant McPartlin, one half of the hosting duo, Ant and Dec, who are responsible for making some sort of entertainment sense from the show. Apparently Hurley whines and whimpers at the television whenever the show is on. Ant’s wife, Lisa Armstrong, attributes the behaviour to missing Ant. But we all know better. Unfortunately, the show itself has not been banned, which would be a more appropriate remedy.

Political tensions are high at Downing Street. Rex the Welsh Terrier, resident at Number 11 with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has taken to chasing Larry, Chief Mouser at Number 10. Rex has also teamed up with an accomplice, Oscar the Wire-Haired Dachshund, leading to rumours of a possible leadership challenge. Larry is a feisty but relatively unsuccessful politician. While he likes to fight, he has turned out to be rubbish at achieving any of his policies, especially when it comes to mousing. Meanwhile, Rex and Oscar are avoiding the Number 10 offices for their own safety.


Be that Hot Dog!

This week we meet Ava the Cocker Spaniel. Ava was a puppy mill rescue who arives at Friends of the Animals Wales at just 8 weeks with a badly infected eye. The eye had been left untreated for so long that it could not be saved and so, at such a young age, Ava lost her eye. Luckily for Ava she was fostered by the wonderful Ann Holley, who collected Ava from the eye hospital the very next day. Ann fell in love and Ava stayed for good! She is the happiest little dog who is always ready with a cuddle. Ava is now 18 months old and is always welcoming new fosters into her home, including our very own Jeff! Rescue rocks!

Will you be the next Hot Dog? Send in your pooch pic showing off your best style and tell us a bit about yourself using Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog with #BeThatHotDog or post to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com and we will feature a new stylish friend every week! Be that hot dog!

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