Woof Weekly

Woof Weekly!

img_0320Welcome to our weekly ruff roundup! Find everything in park and society news, fashion favourites, entertainment and all things dog-friendly, celebrity dog gossip and lots more!

And you can take part! Each week we will feature a friend in our #BeThatHotDog section. Send us your best pic in your favourite gear with #BeThatHotDog to Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog or post it to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com – and don’t forget the hashtag! #BeThatHotDog

The World This Week

Our week in pictures …

The Six Must-See Woof Looks of the Week

Huw Wore It Better

B**** Stole My Look

Hot Dog Ticket


Howard enjoyed a lovely cuddle from the wonderful staff at the fabulous Whittard tea store on the Strand. And he came back with lots of lovely things from the store!

A Little Beddie Told Me …

By Huw Le Lytle

Lewis Hamilton’s British Bulldog, Roscoe, has had some medical problems and has had to give up his Brussel Sprouts. But he hasn’t given up hopes for a Mrs Roscoe, and has frozen his sperm in case he meets their mother.

News services have been abuzz with the announcement that Kylie Jenner’s dogs, Norman and Bambi, have their own bedroom. But as far as I can tell that’s a bit like being locked in a kennel. Most dogs are much happier with their humans, and I find the idea of my own bedroom a worrying concept. The whole house is mine, so being told I have a bedroom may sound grand, but it’s a Pyrrhic victory. Although I guess it would give me somewhere to store my outfits. But as for Norman and Bambi, allegedly all reports of their affection for their marble walls and slippery wooden floor have been wildly exaggerated.

An unidentified Husky and its human were accidentally flashed by a builder’s smile while walking along a Portsmouth street. Other people were on the street as well.

Be that Hot Dog!

For all our fans and friends out there! Send in your pooch pic showing off your best style and tell us a bit about yourself using Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog with #BeThatHotDog or post to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com and we will feature a new stylish friend every week!

This week’s hot dog is the beautiful Charly the Otterhound! Charly lives in Oregon, Illinois, USA. Charly has a sister, Porsche, and they have both met and cuddled the Queen. But only Charly received a royal kiss!

Charly, you be that hot dog!

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