That's Jeffervescent!

A Cushion That Will Go Down in History


That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This is our new Rudolph cushion. Actually it is one of three new Rudolph cushions. Because we do things only in excess around here.

But there is only one Rudolph.

Rudolph is sometimes called Santa’s ninth reindeer, or his headlights, because his nose is so bright that it guides Santa’s sleigh at night.

I think if my nose were that red and bright, Human would probably take me to see Dr Fabulous. But from what I can tell, Rudolph is about 77 years old. So I guess it is nothing to worry about.

Rudolph also features on a lot of our Christmas jumpers and we even have a costume or two. That little reindeer has become almost as important as Santa Claus.

And you know what? Without Rudolph, Santa wouldn’t even get here. So I guess you could say that Santa is just Rudolph’s delivery boy, but Rudolph is the driver!

Rudolph and Santa. Just another great example of a wonderful human-animal friendship that makes the world go round.

What’s even better than a sweater with a nose?

A cushion with a nose? That’s Jeffervescent!


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