That's Jeffervescent!

Dash and Carry

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

I love to carry things.

Every day I carry a different toy up to the Lookout Library, and then carry a different one downstairs, then carry at least three more around during the day, and then another one to bed. And if I don’t have a toy handy I carry whatever I can find – a sock, a plastic box, the mail. It’s a bit like a constant game of fetch and carry. Nothing delights me more than to be skipping along carrying the latest objet du jour.

I’m not sure where I get my passion for carrying, but perhaps it is because most of the time, through my sheer Jeffervescence, I carry the day! When I’m not getting carried away, that is.

I should probably consider establishing my own carriage company. Of course, I can’t promise that we would necessarily carry what you would like us to carry. Most of the time it would probably be a random object of my liking. But it’s the brought that counts.

But did you know that they used to call the Dalmatian the carriage dog, because its original job was to guard mail coaches? And then everybody wanted one and they ended being the canine escort of choice beside any fashionable carriage. I’m not sure if they also carried the mail, however, but I could look into that.

Carry on regardless? That’s Jeffervescent!


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