That's Jeffervescent!

Worth the Whistle

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This is the look I make when Human whistles.

As it turns out, I like bells and I like whistles. And between my squeaky toys, cat toys, and Human, I have all the bells and whistles!

That said, Human’s whistle is quite intriguing. I turn my head from side to side and I still cannot quite work it out. Where is the actual whistle? I am sure it is supposed to be a little instrument, like a mini horn, only it’s more high-pitched because it is so little. But I don’t see it. No wonder they used the same mystery instrument for the theme for X-Files, it is so spooky!

And it turns out I may have to monitor carefully where and when Human whistles. I have told Human to cut it out before the sun goes down, because whistling at night is supposed to be bad luck. And Aubrey Beardsley says that in Romania whistling indoors is supposed to whistle money away. And one should never, ever whistle in the theatre. So, given that our place is often full of both drama and comedy, I hope Human never whistles again.

In fact, is any of that worth the whistle? I don’t think so!

A bell instead of a whistle? That’s Jeffervescent!


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