That's Jeffervescent!

Ink Spot of Bother

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This is Miami Ink. Or what is left of him.

Miami Ink is an Octopus. He came from Discover Dogs in 2012. He has survived all that time. And even I have been playing with him since I arrived in May. But then, suddenly this evening, I Jeffervesced him.

It might have been something he said. Or it might have simply been the overwhelming atmosphere of Jeffervescence after Howard and I had been doing zoomies with Iguana Del Rey. Iguana Del Rey is a delightful fluffy toy iguana who came all the way from a pal in the United States – her armpits are slightly compromised at the moment and so the sewing kit might be coming out again soon, but she is mostly still intact, despite this evening’s silly hour.

Anyway, in all the excitement, poor Miami Ink’s cartridge was emptied. Or maybe he was just defending himself in the game, and, like any self-respecting octopus in a jam, he expelled his ink (or stuffing) all over the place.

So it seems it is lucky that Discover Dogs is coming up again, as it looks like we are going to need another Miami Ink.

But there is one mystery of Miami Ink the Octopus that continues to perplex me … if he is a tug toy, and he has 8 legs, where are the other 4 dogs? Surely these legs aren’t intended for the cats?

A family of 8 dogs!? That’s Jeffervescent!


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