For the Asking

img_0904Huw Le Lytle answers all your questions in his column of wit and wisdom, For the Asking!

Huw’s for the asking!

BY Huw Le Lytle

In today’s questions …

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Q: Dear Huw, why do humans like coffee?
– PM, Cardiff, UK


Dogfriendly coffee shops are of course the only way to fly. Here I am in Caffé Nero, Islington

A: Dear PM, that is such an important question because of course coffee is very, very bad for dogs. You probably know that chocolate is poisonous for dogs and that is because of theobromine. Well, theobromine is related to caffeine. And caffeine toxicity doesn’t just make us hyperactive. It can make us vomit, and have seizures, and even be fatal! And it doesn’t take very much of the stuff at all. Therefore, people, please keep your tea bags and sodas and energy drinks and cough syrup and coffee and all the other caffeinated things to yourselves! I will stick to ribbies and cheese.

So, having said that, why on earth do humans like it? Well, thankfully for Human in particular, human beings are much less sensitive to caffeine and so they can go on enjoying it. I have noticed that Human becomes visibly more relaxed whenever anyone says the word “coffee”. It is a little bit like my happy face when I hear the word “cheese”. So I am guessing that coffee is a bit like cheese.


The day before Howard arrived! Relaxing after the Art for Dogs Show at Caffé Nero, London Bridge

Now of course, if human beings drink lots and lots of it, apart from needing the toilet regularly and often, that might not be so good. It would be a bit like if I ran off with the whole block of cheese. But in regular quantities (or for Human, slightly more than regular quantities) there are apparently some health benefits. Who knew? All sorts of things are said to be better for coffee. But a big one is that coffee can make human beings happier. So I suspect that is why Human seems to take on the look of love whenever the word coffee is uttered. Human’s whole expression softens, a smile emerges, and Human stares that cup right in the face with nothing short of adoration. That is almost the scientific definition of the look of love. So in answer to the question, why do humans like coffee? Well, I think it’s because they love it!


Coffee for human beings, sleeps for us!

If you would like your questions answered by Huw, please send them to woof@bethatdog.com or use the form below. He’s Huw for the asking!

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