That's Jeffervescent!

A Bit of Culture

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

Today we had yoghurt and it was very, very wonderful!

From what I have been told, yoghurt is made from culture. It also has what seems to be an optional “h”. Sometimes it’s yogurt, sometimes it’s yoghurt. Curiously, Human tells me that H is Hydrogen, which is an odourless gas. So I’m not sure what it adds to yoghurt. But I suspect that Howard’s enjoyment of yoghurt will be anything but odourless.

Anyway, apparently yoghurt has been around for 1000s and 1000s of years. I guess maybe then it has been around since the birth of culture. Actually, thinking about it, maybe the invention of yoghurt was the birth of culture!

In fact, having enjoyed some of this amazing food earlier today, I think it is safe to say that yoghurt is the most important piece of evidence of human culture that we have. High culture, popular culture, culture vulture … it’s all down to yoghurt! Given the obvious importance of yoghurt, I would have expected anthropologists to have focused on it in their studies, but it seems to be a curiously overlooked area.

This oversight is surprising, because I think the way people eat yoghurt is a mirror on society. It’s no accident that yoghurt is now sold frozen to people who don’t seem to want it frozen. And that frozen yoghurt shops keep opening in winter and closing down in summer. But like lemmings to a cliff, they just keep coming.

But don’t expect an independent thinker like I am to take my yoghurt frozen. That would be both uncomfortable and impractical as I wouldn’t be able to get any in my beard to save for later.

Yoghurt beard? That’s Jeffervescent!


My yoghurt beard!

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