That's Jeffervescent!

A Battle of Mitts

That’s Jeffervescent! – by Jefferson Airplane

This curious object is an oven mitt.

It is supposed to be for humans to get hot things out of the oven. But I suspect it might also double as a muppet, as it kind of looks a bit like Sam the American Eagle, if he shaved his eyebrows.

Now, I have walked past this oven mitt many, many times since I arrived here in May. But it wasn’t until today that it caught my attention.

You see, today, Human cooked. This event is so rare that the Earth tilted on its axis and for a second I lost my bearings. I had to do something to commemorate it. I had to do something with an appropriate degree of Jeffervescence. So I grabbed the oven mitt off its hook on the oven door and ran with it into the Wreck Room.

This maneouvre demanded quite a bit of initiative on my part. In fact, Human was so impressed by my agility, that I got to keep the oven mitt. Or it might be because quite quickly, and with Howard’s help, I had turned the oven mitt into two oven bits.

A muppet as a mitt? That’s Jeffervescent!

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