That's Jeffervescent!

Putting on the Glitz!

That’s Jeffervescent! – By Jefferson Airplane

I love cat toys.

Each day, I go and fetch almost every single cat toy, one by one, and relocate them to the rug in front of the tele. And then at the end of each day, they get restored magically back in the Kit Kat Club. And then the next day I fetch them all again.

I can’t help myself. Have you seen cat toys? They are sparkly! I can’t think of one of our toys that sparkles. And they jingle! Our toys just honk and squeak. And … and … some of the cat toys have catnip!

Turns out it isn’t just cats that like catnip. But it doesn’t have quite the same effect in dogs. Apparently catnip relaxes dogs, sort of the opposite of what it does for cats. And I certainly don’t want to dampen my Jeffervescence. So, for the greater good, I don’t get too carried away with the catnip.

Anyway, all the while, Human keeps a close watch on me, or repossesses the more fragile toys, so I don’t accidentally crunch down on a cat toy.

Personally, I think this dilemma of mine can be solved by dog toy manufacturers thinking outside the species box, and creating toys with giant bells (so we can’t swallow them), using more feathers, decorating with more sparkles, and basically just giving dog toys a bit of a bedazzle! Beside the cat toys, all the dog toys look like something the cat’s dragged in!

Seems to me that the toy manufacturers are devoting all the glitz to the kitz!

And I like glitz!

That’s Jeffervescent!


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