Merry Christmas!

By Aubrey Beardsley

Whatever you may or may not be celebrating at the moment, the spirit of the season is the part I enjoy the most.

When Human took us to our first Christmas market, I was so excited and happy that many people couldn’t help but come over and cuddle me. People asked if I actually loved Christmas. This question isn’t as silly as it sounds. Everyone around me has been so excited and there have been so many fun activities, from decorating the tree and playing with the tissue, to meeting new people for my Advent Calendar of Cuddles for Christmas. So, yes, I really do love Christmas. It really is a very fun time of year.

And yes, the decorations in the stores are going up earlier and earlier. And yes, the Christmas jumpers are coming out in October, and I saw a Christmas movie even earlier. But I say, why not? The anticipation was the best part. And if the spirit of the season is giving and smiles and happiness, then I am all for starting it in October. In fact, all year round would be no bad thing.

Except the decorations at home of course. They must not go up until 1 December at the earliest, and must come down 6 January, the place is overrun with cat toys as it is!

Merry Christmas everyone!



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