30 for 30

Chouquette and Donnie, Let’s Stick Together

What is the secret to lasting love?

People often look at us and wonder what is our secret.

A big part of our success is our unconditional love. People talk about that a lot when it comes to dogs. It’s not that we love without reason, it’s that we love without judgment – no judgment as to breed, creed, or colour. The thing that is “unconditional” is that dogs don’t always expect something in return. We just give, because we love you. But it’s when you return that love that it is really amazing.

And we want to meet someone who understands that unconditional love. Humans that rescue are maybe very special humans indeed. They wonder about what they can bring to our friendship, not what we can offer them. And that is unconditional love.

So if you would like to give us unconditional love, then please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt us.



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