30 for 30

A New World Audrey!

Get ready for the new world Audrey!

My world has really changed in the past few months. I am an international rescue and I have gone from sleeping on the concrete in Romania to a nice warm bed in the UK. My bad leg has been removed and I am having a wonderful time learning what it is like to have people who care about me.
I may not be a fancy breed (although I no doubt have some Romanian Raven Shepherd in me!), and I may not be a popular colour (some people think black dogs take longer to be adopted), and I may have only 3 legs (but that just makes me special). But as that other raven-haired goddess (and my namesake) said in My Fair Lady, “The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated.” I am just as special as every dog waiting for a home. But I guess my adopter will be a class above!
If you can recognise the lady in me and would like to foster or adopt me, then please contact Oakwood Rescue. Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly!?

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