30 for 30

Ride, Sally, Ride

I’m Sally, and all I want to do is ride around to my new home!

They say good things come in small packages. Well, that must mean really good things come in really big packages, because I am huge and I am wonderful!

After sleeping rough for a while, I discovered i really can’t stand the rain and I got tired of running all over the town, so I was very pleased when I was rescued and could try a little tenderness.

Now, of course, I would really love a home of my own. I am big, so I suggest enough space for me to turn around. And perhaps put all the china and children away because I am probably going to knock them all over (so, probably no children is best). But you don’t need any room to swing a cat, because I cannot live with cats (I also do not advocate swinging cats). I love my friends, I love life, and I am sure to love you.

And so, I would be most pleased if you could slow your Mustang down instead of drive past (other forms of transport are also acceptable), because once you meet me you will put your flat feet on the ground and your signature on my adoption papers!

If you would like a dog with soul, please contact Oakwood Rescue to adopt me!



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