30 for 30

Chouquette and Donnie, Let’s Stick Together

We are two very faithful dogs … faithful to each other.

A little while ago, before we were rescued, nothing made sense. We are both beautiful, and yet we were abandoned. We are both playful and fun, and yet we were abandoned.

But in rescue we found each other, and suddenly everything made sense. We met and found each other. As EE Cummings said, “Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense.”

And we do love each other. We are so attached to each other that we are looking for a home together. But the fact that we haven’t found it yet really doesn’t make sense to us. Maybe it is because we are two and not one. But why have one when you can have two of the cutest terriers around to cuddle?! Maybe it is because we are a little older (at 12 and 9), but we are terriers! Unlike an old iPhone, a terrier never slows down! And with two terriers to patrol the house, you will probably never have to answer the door to political canvassers again!

As we see it, adopting us both isn’t just a win. It’s obviously a win win!

If you would like some pure terrier joy at the double, please contact Terrier SOS UK to adopt us! And get ready for double duty for the cuddles!


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