30 for 30

Lady and the Champ

I’m Lady and I need a champ. Will you let me join your team?

I was born in 2005. That’s before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! That’s right, I can remember a time before selfie filters. This means I’m wise, a good communicator, and  I don’t keep posing spontaneously in front of mirrors.

It also means that I might have a bit of a tougher time to find a champ and a team to join. I suddenly found myself in rescue genuinely through no fault of my own. It was a sad time and I would rather look ahead. And my rescue is amazing and helping with this too. They know that more mature girls, like myself, may struggle a little to find a champ. So they are asking for no more than a donation if you invite me to join your team.

I am hoping to meet my champ very soon. Meanwhile I am keeping up my walks. I want to look my best if I can going to make my absolutely favourite team of all time, the home team.

If you would like me to join your team, please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me.




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