30 for 30

Mr Darcy is the Man!

If you want a Mr Darcy, look no further. Here I am!

I am not one to recommend checklists, but if you do have a list I would wager that I have almost everything that is on it.

Good looks. Check.

Good manners. Check.

Charisma and charm. Check.

An appreciation for the finer things in life, especially sofas. Check!

And if you think losing a leg means I cannot keep up with my social obligations, you are sorely mistaken. In fact, my social life has gone through the roof, over the fence, and down the park. I have gone from modest rescue to the star of my own romantic epic. I am Mr Darcy. And everybody wants to know me.

If you can cope with a full social calendar and being the envy of all we meet, then please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me.


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