30 for 30

Good Attentions, with Teifi

My best day is one that is enjoyed with the best of attentions.

The reason I like attention is because it means that everyone’s mind is preoccupied with me. I think it is good to keep humans focused on the important things. Like me. I am 12 years old so I have all the wisdom that comes with that. And I have learnt that humans have trouble concentrating on several things at once. Unlike dogs of course. We can do anything. And so because of the weaknesses of the human being, I like to play to their strengths. This means I like to keep their attention solely on me. That way they don’t have to own up to their obvious limitations as human beings.

If you agree that the road to happiness is paved with good attentions, then please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. Your social life will never look back!


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