30 for 30

Blossom Blooms

I have a big personality.

And this past week I have done some reading on why that makes me even more amazing than I might first appear.

I have done some research on why friends with big personalities are the best ones. And I found a list. So I am checking it twice.

Those of us with big personalities don’t hide. Why would I hide? If I hide then my chance of getting a treat goes down to zero. I find that not hiding is the best way to get a treat.

And those of us with big personalities don’t care what anyone thinks. Well, that is quite true. Especially if that anyone wants my stuff. I don’t like anyone touching my stuff. And I will tell them. And I won’t care what they think. Unless they think, I shouldn’t touch Blossom’s stuff. That is the only thing that I care that they think.

And someone with a big personality will have your best interests at heart. I do agree. I do care if you like me, but at first I am usually a bit unsure of everything when I first meet someone. I guess that definitely means I care if you like me. Just understand you will need to give me time to get there. But once we are friends, then I will definitely have your best interests at heart, because we will be firm friends!

And those with a big personality are the life of the party. Well, of course. Just look at me.

And we live life to the fullest. Especially if that means getting fullest with treats!

And we are creative and artistic. Just take one look at me, you can see that I am the sort of dog who is going to leave their mark, possibly all over the sofa after a walk, but my muddy paw prints will always be artistic ones.

And you can be yourself around someone with a big personality. That is so true, you can relax with me, I will always love you for who you are. Unless you touch my stuff. Just don’t touch my stuff.

And finally, we value true friendship above all else. I would value the friendship of a good human above everything. Well, above almost everything. Just don’t touch my stuff.

If you want to find out why adopting the friend with the big personality is the best decision you will ever make, then please contact Glendee Dog Rescue to adopt me!


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