30 for 30

Aslan’s Beautiful Laundrette

I really love laundry. But I especially love it on the line.

I hear that in some places in the United States people are not allowed to dry laundry


Me with lots of laundry. A good day

on the line. Some laundry enthusiasts have even started a right to dry movement. Obviously I am not the only one who loves grabbing the washing and dragging if off the line. I agree with the right to dry. It’s just not the same looking at laundry in the dryer.

My foster human obviously enjoys taking laundry off the line just as much as I do, because as soon as I make a dash for the washing, so does my foster human. And if I get it first, then my foster human and I run around the house with the washing. Such fun!

If you would like some help with your laundry, contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me!



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