30 for 30

The Golden Age of Yoko

Age is but a number!

And the number of the Golden Age will be 30!

I may be 9 years old, but as Pablo Picasso said, youth has no age. And I’m as young as they come!

Welcome to the second golden age of Yoko and all the best things about being Yoko!

I say second, because I had a golden age once, a long time ago. I started out in a loving home, with two lovely humans and their child. I lived on the outskirts of Paris with a beautiful big garden and all the love a little dog could wish for. But one day, the monsieur got very sick and passed away very suddenly. And then, soon after, the madame got very sick. For 14 days and 14 nights I sat beside her bed, waiting for her to come home from hospital. But she never came home. My Madame’s friends tried to find me a new home, because they knew how much she loved me and how worried she was for me. And then they found one! They took me all the way to Marseille to my new home. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. The new human got tired of me quickly and gave me away. And then those humans groomed me, and put me in a red harness … and then abandoned me. I ended up in a cage in the noisy pound full of dogs just as scared and confused as I was. And I would have to close my eyes tight to remember my Madame and my beautiful garden in Paris.

But now I am in the UK and looking for my second golden age.

If you have the golden touch and would like to adopt me, please contact Terrier SOS.


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