Be That Dog Down Under!

The Wizardry of Oz

Join us as we take a magical journey through the lexical Wizardry of Oz. It will be grouse!

Today’s word …


Today, a young Turkey lady had a rather extraordinary adventure.

Every day, Grand Human feeds the lorikeets at a feeder outside the kitchen window. The area is not accessible to the brush turkeys as there is a trellis in the way and it’s a little too high for them to jump up. Well, it hasn’t been accessible … until today.

IMG_0020This morning, Grand Human fed the lorikeets as usual. And a couple of hours later, Grand Human was watching the morning news in the front room when she suddenly noticed, sitting above the television, a young lady brush turkey.

Grand Human immediately assumed that the brush turkey must have entered via the front verandah. The brush turkeys love to jump up on the front verandah, but usually Benny encourages them very quickly to jump back down again. But Benny was snoozing on the sofa beside Grand Human and hadn’t noticed this young lady turkey at all!

Unfortunately, the turkey noticed Benny at this point, and she decided to move. This immediately earned the attention of Benny, who exclaimed his discomfort at the sight of a turkey above his television. To assist the turkey, Littlest Human opened the windows and the doors onto the verandah. But the turkey was quite insistent that the best exit would be straight past Benny, through the door of the front room, down the hall, and out the same way she came in. The result was that Littlest Human had to pick up the turkey and carry her out to the verandah, and away from the enormous interest of Benny, who suddenly fancied himself as a turkey wrangler.

IMG_7774All was well, and she went on her way, but it was not until an hour or so later that the true passage of events was revealed. Grand Human went to the kitchen window to fetch in the lorikeet bowls, only to discover that they had disappeared. She then went outside to fetch the bowl, hoping it wasn’t broken as it was a lovely little mortar (a little ceramic bowl that is used with a pestle for grinding). But the turkey hadn’t just bumped the mortar out the window. She had also acquired three tea towels, a huge hand of 11 bananas (having sampled three), a plastic bird feeder, a water dish, and a pair of blue rubber gloves. Oh, of course, … and the mortar … which amazingly was not broken.

After her adventures in the kitchen, the turkey had then made her way down the hall, all the way to the other end of the house, apparently to watch the morning news programmes. All without being noticed by any of us.

And that, my friends, is the definition of “strewth”!





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