Delivering the Goods

Delivering the Goods

By Aubrey Beardsley

16 June


Kitty sets her sights on the laundry

Today Howard has been busy helping collect ideas in the Lookout Library. So far most of his idea collection has been quite object driven. He has collected a box of staples, a highlighter, a porcelain frog, another highlighter, the other porcelain frog, and a toy kangaroo. Jeff got himself stuck in the Kit Kat Club, which he blamed on physics. Somehow he can always go through the cat-sized doorway into the club, but never get back out again. It must be all the bar snacks. The kitties didn’t mind because they were busy helping with the laundry. Kitty says sleeping in fresh laundry is one of her favourite pleasures.

And today Howard also helped with some writing, by jumping on the desk and deleting a line of text and replacing it with dots. He is so insightful. Positively postmodern.

For some reason people started setting off fireworks tonight at 10.30pm. I don’t much care for them so I sat on the desk chair with Human (if it isn’t a two-seater I certainly interpreted it that way) and then concentrated on my intellectual work as a worthy distraction.

17 June 2017

Today it is hot.


Howard has been on duty (asleep mostly) in the cool of the Wreck Room

We decided to enjoy the wading pool and enjoying indoor silly hour. Everyone brought a toy for silly hour. Howard decided that Jeff couldn’t have all the fun in the Kit Kat Club, so he fetched their kitty door stop as his party favour. Huw largely contributed sound effects.

This afternoon Howard was asleep in the window of the Wreck Room and a little child stopped to look at him and barked at him. Howard sat up, turned around, and looked at the child without making a sound. The child moved on. Howard said he couldn’t reply as he was quite bewildered. He couldn’t understand the child’s pronunciation of “woof”.

And what’s the best way to relax after a hot day? Fish skins!


Citizens on patrol

18 June 2017


Jeff enjoyed several rounds of hot weather, indoor, squeaky ball, zoomies games

Today it is hotter.

We all had a paddle in the wading pool. And then we played a tug game during Twin Peaks, resulting in many pauses in the action. The Twin Peaks action, that is, not the tug game.

My goodness it is hot!

19 June 2017

Today it is an even hotter hot.

Today Jeff had a wild zoomies game on his own with his squeaky ball. He would throw it and chase it and pounce and throw it and chase it and go up and down and up and down and squeak and squeak and squeak. He is hilarious.


Huw and Howard, keeping cool

It’s been such a hot day that we have been making good use of the wading pool. And Jeff and Howard had a super game with their beach ball. They also enjoyed some roof top gardening because it featured a hose pipe and lots of water.

Humans tend to cool off with ice cream. And apparently more Twin Peaks. And the movie, Fire Walk With Me, arrived. Howard went to fetch it (of course) and the humans are going to watch it with Great Uncle Bulgaria.

But it’s never too hot for silly hour …


It’s never too hot for silly hour!


20 June 2017

IMG_6334Today is a hotter hotter hot.

Howard chose a movie. Jeff threw his penguin down the stairs. And we all melted. These hot days are pretty much about paddling in the pond and sleeping. Although Jeff did go into the garden for some pigeon patrol.

21 June 2017

The roof is on fire.

Well, not quite, but it is boiling hot out there. Today is officially the hottest June day in over 40 years. The air is like an oven, so we are enjoying the cool inside. But Human went to a conference where the air conditioning was broken! Happily, Human came home quickly to us this afternoon, making apologies for leaving before the drinks reception. The excuse? To come home to us, of course! Luckily, it was a conference on the Human-Animal Bond, so everybody understood this to be a very important and valid excuse.

And that made us all very happy indeed.

So Howard chose another movie …


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