But Not All Humans Are Monsters

By Aubrey Beardsley

Last night was a difficult night for London, my city.

Terror is violent coercion. It is about attempting to make someone do what you want through terrorizing them. But no-one changes their mind because they are coerced. There is no common ground.

Terror has no community.

No matter what its basic ideology is claimed to be, terror is a perversion of community and an alienation from that community. Whether it’s in the name of the environment, or nationalism, or politics, or religion. It is called extremism because it has been cast out of that community.

Terror has no community.

But London has incredible community. And our diversity is the greatest affront to terrorism. The bonds of community will not be broken by fear.

It is sadly true. All monsters really are human. But not all humans are monsters. Not even most. Not even a few.


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