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A poodle wins the Palm Dog!

The big entertainment news this week is of course the Palm Dog, film’s most coveted award at the Cannes Film Festival. Founded in 2001 by a human called Toby Rose, the Palm Dog goes to the best performance by a dog or group of dogs (including animated dogs), with the winners receiving a leather dog collar engraved with “Palm Dog” (although I’m not sure how the animated dogs will be able to use that prize).

But critics this year were disappointed after the amazing films competing for the title in 2016. That said, there were some performances that captured everyone’s imagination. And they seemed to be mostly the hounds! The first was a greyhound in Claire’s Camera and the second was a whippet in The Square.

But it wasn’t all done and dusted. There was a very talented kelpie in the Australian film Red Dog – True Blue. And a stand-out performance from the German Shepherd in Ava.

But then, out of nowhere, came Bruno the Poodle in The Meyerowitz Stories. Founder, Toby Rose said, “Bruno the Poodle from Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories has galloped in to up the ante.” And up the ante he did! Because Bruno has gone on to win in today’s announcement! Bruno said he was delighted and he dedicated his award to Poodles everywhere. Or that’s what I’ve heard.

Congratulations Bruno!



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