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Oscar the dog is walking 5000 miles around Britain to investigate mental health.

A lot of people recommend the health benefits of the great outdoors, but one dog is putting that to the test by walking 5000 miles around Britain. Oscar started walking 20 May last year, but had to take time off from November 2016 for the winter (and probably also for Santa Claus). He started walking again in March 2017 and is now on the home stretch, with 1300 miles left to go.

Oscar is also raising money for the World Land Trust during his walk and so far has raised £1300. You can donate to Oscar’s great cause here.

And in case you are worried about Oscar’s social isolation, he is not trying to do this alone. He has taken his human, Alice Milton, along for the journey.

But another dog’s human was almost going nowhere next week. Mr Boots the Cocker Spaniel decided to do something about his potential separation anxiety, and ate his human’s passport.

Mr Boots’ human was about to travel to Spain to play rugby, and Mr Boots wasn’t having any of it. By all reports, Honey the Cocker Spaniel was not a co-conspirator, Mr Boots acted entirely alone. After finding the soggy travel document, their human, Matt Shepherd, first panicked and then did an eight hour round trip to South Wales to get a new passport (here at Be That Dog we say that’s nothing, we did a longer round trip to collect Huw!).

Fortunately, Matt Shepherd is one of the good ones. He said wisely, “It’s my fault, I left it on the table.” And we agree with Matt when he says, “You can’t be mad with a puppy, can you?”


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