That's Jeffervescent!

As I See It

That’s Jeffervescent! By Jefferson Airplane

This is our window seat.

IMG_1481Amazingly I don’t think I have Jeffervesced about our window seat before. But even if I have, all good things bear repeating!

One of our favourite places is the Lookout Library. We like to sit in here with Human, our creative assistant. As well as lots of books, the Lookout Library has a basket full of our toys, and two sofas, and Leo’s favourite chair, and two armchairs, and even a table with a bed on it so that we can stare at Human or watch our TV. Yes, that’s right, the Lookout Library has a TV for us (well, Howard mainly!). Oh, and of course, you know all about the wonderful return.

And I know we have all mentioned the window seat at some point, but it deserves to have its own story told.

I say window seat, but there isn’t just one window seat. In fact there are two. But we all like the one that is behind Human’s desk.

Under each window is the “seat” built over the radiator. So one of the marvels of the window seat is that it is heated. This makes it a very desirable place for a snooze, especially when we are recovering from morning zoomies in the park. And Bulldog Drummond likes to snooze there all night as well!

And then in front of each window seat is a sofa. So if, by any chance, we roll off the window seat in our happy delirium, we can land on a sofa. This has in fact never happened, but the secret to success is the preparation.

The window seat is the perfect place for blue sky thinking, even when the skies are grey. There is nothing quite as wonderful as the aspect of the window seat. We love to sit there and simply gaze at the world.

We can see all the street life, and the birds that visit the tree outside, and the cat from down the street.

As I see it, literally, the window seat gives a perfect view of the whole world. The whole world as I see it.

A bed with a view? That’s Jeffervescent!


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