Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Jeff’s salute to all that is great and good in the history of Jeffs!

This week’s Jeff is DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Jazzy Jeff

DJ Jazzy Jeff aka the Magnificent Jazzy Jeff aka Jazz aka Jeff Townes is an American hip hop artist and DJ and a really top bloke. He has worked with all the greats, even Bart Simpson, and he is even in the DMC World DJ Championships Hall of Fame.

Jazzy Jeff was originally known as Mixmaster Jeff, but his pal kept calling him Jazzy, and it stuck. At the time he hated it, but I love it!

Jazzy Jeff has an affection for all things royal. He knows a prince who thinks that “parents just don’t understand”. I’m not sure if this is a reference to his friend’s self-declared royalty because, as I understand it, he is not actually a prince. He also honoured the King of Rock and Roll, Michael Jackson, with He’s the King … I’m the DJ.

Jazzy Jeff has also composed a song about a dog (with his pal, the prince). The song is about the anxiety the prince feels when lady friends say he is “nuthin’ but a dog.” The prince expresses a lot of concern about being called a dog and says that it is one of the names he refuses to be called because he is in fact a prince. But I think the song is about the fact that all dogs are princes (and some are even called Prince). And, Mr Fresh Prince, that is why you gotta be a dog. Because a dog is the best thing ever. And by the end of the song, the prince has an epiphany and realises the incredible honour it is to be a dog and embraces the woof: “Oh I’m a dog? I’m a dog, right? Well, umm, ok. Ruff! Ruff!” Words I live by.

Jazzy Jeff is currently on tour in the UK and Europe and tonight he is playing in Newcastle! Unfortunately, this Jazzy Jeff is not allowed into the venue. So I will have to catch him on the flip side.

The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff, we salute you!

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