Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Jeff’s salute to all that is great and good in the history of Jeffs!

By Jefferson Airplane

This week’s Jeff is Jeff Goldblum!

Jeff Goldblum is an American actor, a pianist, and a very tall man. He plays a lot of roles requiring height. But he must be a very good actor because he can play other size ranges as well. In fact, he has been everything from an insect to an alien and even a lawyer.

Jeff Goldblum has also starred in two films with the word “Dog” in the title.  One has nothing to do with dogs, and the other one has cats and dogs. And he has a new film coming out which is all about a dog, called Isle of Dogs. I’m looking forward to that one.

Jeff Goldblum is very famous for starring in Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park where he was a mathematician called Dr Ian Malcom. Dr Malcolm wears a lot of black and looks a bit like a Bond villain or a Shoreditch nightclub owner. He is described as an expert in chaos theory, so maybe he knows us.

Jeff Goldblum and I have something else in common, besides our great name. We can both wiggle our ears one at a time. And something else we have in common – just like I do, Jeff Goldblum also makes friends everywhere he goes. He’s so popular, that he’s either become engaged to or married all his co-starring actresses. What a stand-up tall guy.

Jeff Goldblum was almost Harrison Ford, but he turned down the role of Han Solo in Star Wars so that he could play Mr Davis, a party guest, in the Woody Allen film, Annie Hall, and say “I forgot my mantra.”

Jeff Goldblum, we salute you!


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