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Spring Fever!

We have spring fever at Be That Dog! And we don’t mean Howard Spring!

Monday 20 March is officially the first day of Spring, so we are really excited to announce all the new things at Be That Dog! As well as our regular posts on hot topics and current interests, we are introducing some brand new features and bringing back some favourites as well!

Back by popular demand for 2017 is Woof Weekly! Woof Weekly will once again come out every Sunday to round up the week that was, including all the favourites … The World This Week, The Six Must-See Woof Looks of the Week, Hot Dog Ticket, and a Little Beddie Told Me.

Every Monday will be Happy Mondays, with a photo of the best smile of the week. And Howard will also be bringing out his new feature, Howard’s Endz, reporting on all the best walks and places in London Town, Howard’s endz!

Then, every Tuesday, Jeff will once again be Jeffervescing in That’s Jeffervescent! And we will be looking at the worst of celebrity rip-offs of everyone’s favourite style icon, Huw Le Lytle, in Huw Wore It Better.

Every Wednesday Huw will be answering all your questions again in Huw’s For The Asking. So many of you wanted to see him continue his advice column in 2017 that he is back at it. So send all your questions to Huw at or use the contact sheet. Wednesday will also be a good hair day with Aubrey Beardsley’s B**** Stole My Look!, where we look at all his adventures in hair and all the celebrities who want to look like Aubrey!

Thursday brings a brand new feature, Jeff Sessions! Jeff says, “Let’s reclaim the name, Jeff!” in this special photo tribute to all the best and brightest Jeffs in history. And we all know what a friendly fellow Aubrey Beardsley is, he meets new people, new dogs, and new friends everywhere he goes. So every Thursday he will salute a new pal and let them know, What I Like About You!

And you all know, Howard loves his television and so, as an avid viewer, he is bringing all the best and worst of the week’s television in Dogglebox every Friday.

Saturday is the day for all things cultural, and so it is the day for Aubrey’s Causeries!

Finally, we are launching a very special new feature – Write on Cue. Every week we will tackle a topic at your request and “write on cue”. So visit Write on Cue and send in your request using the form provided on the Write on Cue page, or email your topic to us at

Be that busy dog!


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