Howard’s Endz

Covent Garden

By Howard Spring

I love going to Covent Garden, because we walk all the way there, and then when we are tired we can get one of our black chariots home. And I love Covent Garden because it also has one of my favourite shops, Bowwow of London. Every time I go they give me treats. I now know to rush straight to the counter, waiting for my present. I always sit politely, which is amazing because I am usually fit to burst with excitement. How I hold a sit for my treat is amazing, because my little tail is always wagging so fast I almost achieve lift-off. My other favourite place to go is a shop called Urban Outfitters. I like to climb the stairs to look out through the glass wall at the street below. It’s like I am flying. It is one of my favourite things to do and we always have to stop on the mezzanine every time we go up the stairs (because that has the best view). And the people in there always give me lots of cuddles and say I am a very cool dog. Speaking of wonderful views, I also love Caffe Nero in Seven Dials. My favourite seat is the window seat because I can stand under the table and look out the window and watch all the thousands of people in Covent Garden. I really do like people watching. And I love taking some of them by surprise when they realise I am not a statue. I make a lot of people giggle and point and admire me as they go past because I am staring so intently. And the baristas in there are so lovely. They even bring me a bowl of water!

Covent Garden is certainly a very busy place, but it is also quite a happy and super dog-friendly place. Even law enforcement is dog-friendly. Last time I went to Covent Garden with Human, a policeman was walking towards us and said to Human, “Beautiful dog.” Obviously in London Town we have some of the best policemen in the world!


People watching from the window seat, inside (clean windows!) at Caffè Nero

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