Woof Weekly

Woof Weekly!

img_0320Welcome to our weekly ruff roundup! Find everything in park and society news, fashion favourites, celebrity dog gossip, entertainment and dog-friendly, and much much more!

And you can take part. Each week we feature a friend in our #BeThatHotDog section. Send us your best pic in your favourite gear with #BeThatHotDog to Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog or post it to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com – and don’t forget the hashtag! #BeThatHotDog

The World This Week (our week in pictures)

The Six Must-See Woof Looks of the Week

Huw Wore It Better

B**** Stole My Look

Hot Dog Ticket

Dog-friendly venue of the week is the beautiful Lamb and Flag pub in Rose Street, Covent Garden. Legend has it that this historic pub was also a favourite with Charles Dickens! There was a lovely fire and the staff came over and offered Aubrey a bowl of water before we even had to ask! Aubrey reports that the patrons were just as dog-friendly as the staff, and he enjoyed lots and lots of cuddles. Highly recommended!

A Little Beddie Told Me

Dog gossip and entertainment news … by Huw Le Lytle

In US politics, Freddy has joined the Bush political dynasty. Laura and George W have adopted Freddy from the SPCA of Texas Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center. Freddy’s advisors have released a statement urging people to adopt. “We already love him,” says George W, “If you could use a little extra joy in your life, consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter or rescue group.”

A drawing from the Tintin story “Explorers on the Moon” has sold for a record price at auction. Experts attribute the record-breaking sale to the fact that the drawing includes Snowy in a spacesuit.

And in the India-England match in Visakhapatnam this week, a dog interrupted play with a defiant act of streaking. Streaking has been common throughout the history of cricket, but it is believed that this was the first time the popular political prank was led by a dog. Unconfirmed reports suggest it was to protest the fact that ribbies were not served at tea.


Be that Hot Dog!

This week’s hot dog is none other than our own Auntie Simba!

Auntie Simba is a Great Dane who lives with our Grand Human in Australia. Simba is a rescue who was saved from some very sad circumstances indeed. She had been kept in a cage, having puppies all her life, until she was rescued in 2013 by the RSPCA (Queensland, Australia) at the age of 5. Simba arrived very underweight, terrified of people, toys, and dogs. But now she is much more confident, and she even plays with toys, and sleeps in the bed with Grand Human. She has even done some work as a therapy dog for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And Simba has since been joined by two more little rescue pals, the Men in White, Yum Yum (the Toy Poodle) and Benny (the Maltese X Shih-Tzu). This year Simba had a major operation to remove a mast cell tumour in her leg. The operation was a complete success, and Simba has been declared cancer free. And she is now back to full exercise with her little snowball entourage. Simba, we love you!

Will you be the next Hot Dog? Send in your pooch pic showing off your best style and tell us a bit about yourself. Contact us on Twitter or Instagram @BeThatDog with #BeThatHotDog or post to Facebook @BeThatDog or email us at woof@bethatdog.com and we will feature a new stylish friend every week!

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