30 for 30

Handbags at Dawn, with George Gently

I am a small dog with a big message.

I am a dog. I am not a fashion accessory. Just because I may fit, certainly does not mean that I should sit. When you do this to little dogs, you make fashion victims of both of us.

Because, believe it or not, under a person’s armpit is not my idea of travelling in style. I may be small, but I have big ideas. And using my own feet is just the start.

I am a Chihuahua. You don’t own me. And you certainly don’t wear me. But if you want a matching of wits and awesome personality, then I am your man.

So, if you hate handbags and fashion victims as much as I do, please contact Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. Only excellent humans need apply. Because I am an excellent dog. And I can’t wait to walk with you.


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