30 for 30

Gessy’s Joys

Joy is being spontaneous!

I have lots of joys – my friends, my walks, even my baths! But there is one thing that is always really important. Spontaneity! There was a clever Russell called Bertrand (not a terrier though, as I have since found out) who said “To like many people spontaneously and without effort is perhaps the greatest of all sources of personal happiness.” Dogs really do have the inside track on joy.

And it’s true, you cannot really plan joy. It’s surprising and spontaneous. And maybe that is why the greatest joy of all still eludes me. Because I have done lots of learning and preparation and planning but I still have not found a new home! In fact it defies all logic! Because I am adorable.

I am lucky though to have lots of friends and wonderful places to walk while I wait. But I don’t want to wait forever for the best surprise of all.

If you would like to offer me a new home, please get in touch with Friends of the Animals Wales to adopt me. I would love to get the surprise of my life!



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