30 for 30

30 for 30!

Launching our November adoption campaign!

As you probably know, we are passionate about rescue at Be That Dog. So we are launching 30 for 30 to get 30 dogs adopted for the 30 days of November!

Together, let’s get all these dogs on the right side of 30! #30for30

In the United States, every November is National Adoption Month for humans. This year’s campaign is “Teens Need Families, No Matter What.”


Aubrey Beardsley at the shelter

And that got us thinking. Dogs are family and rescue dogs make some of the best family. But rescue dogs are not usually puppies. They are usually the “teenagers”. And so they are often overlooked when people decide to get a dog, because people want puppies. But we all grow up. Even puppies. Meanwhile, rescue dogs wait and wait. And sometimes they just run out of time.

So we are going to try and get the “teenagers” of the dog world adopted this month! And to do that, we are launching 30 for 30 to get a dog adopted for every one of the 30 days of November. We are inviting all rescues, far and wide, to send us details of a special someone or somemany that may need some extra attention to get their new home. We want to get thirty dogs home for the holidays!

We will profile each dog, including all the details on how to adopt, and we will update the progress of the campaign minute by minute! You will be able to keep


Aubrey Beardsley today. All smiles!

checking the 30 by 30 page to see how it is going, as well as Be That Dog on Twitter and Instagram. And we want you to share and share and share so we can get these families together by the 30 November.

If you are a rescue and would like to get involved, please email us at woof@bethatdog.com for further details. The campaign will launch 1 November 2017. Be That Dog has a worldwide readership, so rescues can be from any part of the world. Whether you are a small rescue or a national organization, take part in 30 for 30!

All of us are rescue dogs ourselves, all with a sad tale to tell. But being adopted changed our worlds! Let’s change the world for 30 dogs this November!


Auntie Simba was rescued from a puppy farm as part of a seizure and prosecution, aged 5 years after having had many litters. She was heavily pregnant and seriously ill and spent quite a while in hospital. She had her last litter in rescue, soon after her rescue. She had spent her whole life in a cage, was afraid of toys, people, and everything else. Grand Human adopted Simba, who was running out of time, and she is now a healthy and happy 9 years young who chases a ball, plays with her squeaky pig, and sleeps in bed with Grand Human. Grand Human wouldn’t have it any other way.


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