Delivering the Goods

Delivering the Goods

By Huw Le Lytle

8 June 2017

Today has been a very important day because the UK has gone to the polls. So the humans got up early to vote. We didn’t go down because Human wasn’t sure if we would IMG_6056be allowed inside the polling office. Afterwards they went for pancakes and then went book shopping.

Howard demonstrated his strong belief in sparkling, clean kitty toilets and grabbed the shovel. His commitment to their bathroom is both commendable and alarming.

I had a little trim. I have managed to preserve my hipster curls, but I can now see where I am going when I do zoomies.

IMG_6057In the afternoon the letterbox went and Howard galloped down the stairs to greet the post. But he apparently wasn’t impressed with the delivery as it was mostly junk mail and absolutely no post bags. So he left it there and came back upstairs with a piece of wooden dowel instead.

And we all had some jerky to celebrate Jerky Day.

The humans all watched the election results. Even Great Uncle Bulgaria came round to watch too. As television goes I think I have seen better. It is a bit like watching baseball. Everything happens very slowly, but the snacks are good. Anyway, Howard thought it was all so tedious that he rummaged through the DVD shelves and selected a movie. Unfortunately it was The Hangover, so Howard was IMG_6067overruled and the humans watched the election until the wee hours of the morning. Maybe Howard was making a comment on how everyone will feel in the morning after such a long night watching the results.

As the election night wore on … and on and on and on … Jeff and Howard could see what was happening and illustrated the dynamics of a hung parliament through interpretive dance (also known as a rather exuberant back and forth of sofa zoomies where no-one ever sits down and everyone in the way had better duck!

We all then nodded off and slept through the whole thing.


9 June 2017

Well, we woke to the morning after. Apparently everything is in a shambles.

But we distracted ourselves with a lovely walk to one of our favourite parks. We walked along the canal and met a gentleman playing a guitar. He said hello to us all and wished us a good day. Then a lady was walking towards us and couldn’t help but stop and say IMG_6134hello to us all. She smiled and laughed and got Aubretised. And we all wished each other a good day. It is nice to say hello and make people smile.

At the park one of our favourite friends, Bella the Harrier Hound, was there. But we saw her human first and Aubrey was so absolutely delighted that he almost turned himself inside out saying hello to Bella’s human. He made him laugh and say how delighted he was to be greeted like that. And then Bella ran over the hill and we all had some wonderful zoomies.

This afternoon was also especially exciting …

… We all shared treats with the kitties …

… Howard carried a coathanger …

… And Aubrey balanced a duck on his nose.

It just doesn’t get happier than that!


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