Inter-Species Relationships

… Just A Little Bit

That’s Jeffervescent! By Jefferson Airplane

This is a cat.

This is not just any cat, this is Bulldog Drummond, and he is amazing.

Some people say cats and dogs can’t be friends. That’s just nonsense.

Some people also say cats and terriers can’t even be neighbours! Well …

I say it is all down to respect. And when I say respect, I don’t mean keeping my distance. Oh no, quite the opposite. And when I say respect, I don’t mean fear or caution. Again, quite the opposite! When I say respect, I mean that I say hello to Bulldog, I play with Bulldog, and he plays with me. And today, he was even grooming me. That is respect. Indifference is not respect. Turning away is not respect. Greeting each other. That is respect. And anyone who knows me knows that I love to greet everybody!

But back to when I met my cats. When I arrived here, I didn’t speak much cat, but I was young and eager to learn. And that’s where respect was important. I was curious about Bulldog. And Bulldog was curious about me. And so we learnt about each other. I watched the cats, I learnt from the cats, and they learnt from me too. And so once we had all the language differences out of the way we could all relax. We’re friends. We’re family.

Respect. That’s Jeffervescent!


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