For the Asking

img_0904Huw Le Lytle answers all your questions in his column of wit and wisdom, For the Asking!

Huw’s for the asking!

BY Huw Le Lytle

In today’s questions …

Pillows and Pumpkins and Publications

Q: Dear Huw, what are 5 essential items a Bedlington cannot go without? What are you planning to dress up as for Halloween? What book would you recommend for a bit of light reading?
– Mimi, Warwickshire, UK

img_1009A: Dear Mimi, thank you for your questions. The first one is a very interesting question indeed. I can think of 7 things – Aubrey Beardsley, Jefferson Airplane, Howard Spring, Bulldog Drummond, Kitty Pryde, Poly Styrene, and Lora Logic! If perhaps I were asked about 5 essential things, then I would say love, family, friends, cuddles, and my forever home. But focusing on 5 items, I have thought long and hard about what particular objects might be essential to me. I think right at the top of the list would have to be pillows. I usually wait until Human has arranged a cushion or pillow for me before I get on the sofa. Or I look for a pillow, and then jump into that spot. I really do need everything to be cloud soft. I suppose, that said, the second thing would obviously be my sofa. Or perhaps that should be sofas, because of course there is my other sofa in the Lookout Library. And my other essential item is my bedroom armchair to sleep in at night. I love my armchair because Finnegan used to sleep in it and it makes me think of him always. I also think my fleecy raincoats are essential. I don’t do cold and I don’t do cold rain! So a nice fleecy raincoat is vital. And finally, well … ribbies of course! Because then when I smile at the other 4 essential things my teeth are always clean and white!

img_7493When it comes to your second question and my Halloween costume, well, let’s just say I like to surprise everyone. But rest assured we are all working on something special! And all will be revealed on Halloween night! Meanwhile, I can tell you that we have some lovely Halloween themed outfits to wear during the day before we dress up for trick or treaters! First, we have some bat wings. These are perfect for a subtle addition to one’s outfit for the office. And secondly, and quite importantly, we all have matching pumpkin outfits for out and about, for that little bit of extra fashion whimsy. So I guess we will all be busy pumpkins on Halloween, warding off evil spirits if they try to knock on the door!

img_5280And now to your last question, and may I say it is very nice to be appreciated for the bibliophile that I am. There are so many books that I could recommend. But as you know, I love my kitties. And when Howard was at our local bookshop recently, he picked up a book for me, and I love it – The Trainable Cat, by John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis. I love learning about learning! And learning about learning and cats is just too wonderful to pass by!


If you would like your questions answered by Huw, please send them to woof@bethatdog.com or use the form below. He’s Huw for the asking!

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