Coffee Grounds for Refusal!

By Aubrey Beardsley

I’ve been really worried about the number of pictures doing the rounds of dogs drinking coffee. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love dog-friendly coffee shops and they get *all* our business (Human’s notable multi-daily coffee habit could possibly pay their rent!). And I know that a lot of the “coffees” in the pics are actually puppaccinos (frothed milk). But perceptions are important. I also know of several well-meaning people giving their dogs actual coffee without any idea that it is very toxic and can be fatal for dogs, even in very tiny amounts. And tea is just as bad, by the way, before you think you can share a cuppa with your puppa!

One lovely dog I met (posthumously) on Instagram had written coffee in his bio as one of his hobbies. He said he had a sip every morning! I quickly looked through the pics and discovered that the dog had died, suddenly, while running up the driveway when seeing his human off to work. He simply collapsed, vomited and died. They didn’t know why he died, but I was really worried that it sounded a lot like caffeine poisoning from that morning’s sip.

Another friend on Instagram was pictured drinking coffee just the other day, so we commented about the toxicity and the human thanked us, saying they didn’t know.

So please, everyone, it may look cute but it is confusing for a lot of new dog people and potentially fatal for a lot of our friends. And the milk will just give us wind anyway! Ha ha! So please send out the caffeine-free message!

A dog is for life, not for latte!

Categories: Health

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